Maintenance Services

Our clients can depend on our decades of experience to ensure that their mechanical systems run efficiently and are properly maintained by qualified professionals.  We offer an in-house maintenance team that is second to none.  Our qualified technicians are on call 24/7 and are typically dispatched by the Facility/Property Manager who is responsible for a given site.  The Wm. M. Hotchkiss maintenance team is qualified to make all repairs which do not require a licensed vendor.  Our goal is to provide quality service in as little time as possible, in an ongoing effort to save our clients money. If a repair does require a licensed professional, then we are able to choose from a vast network of qualified trades people.

Our proactive approach allows us to manage not just for the short term but for the long term.  We strongly believe that developing a capital plan that can help predict mechanical and facility life span is crucial to a well-constructed management plan.  Unexpected failures of critical machinery and building structural elements can wreak havoc on a budget and the quality of life of all residents.  While precise prediction of mechanical and physical plant failures may be impossible, a well thought-out capital plan will certainly minimize service interruptions and improve expense forecasting, which will serve to smooth cash flow over the long term.

Communication & Availability

No one likes costly surprises and our goal is always to keep our clients apprised of all facility issues.  Proactive rather than reactive, our Facility/Property Managers are in daily contact with our maintenance staff to ensure that issues are addressed swiftly and remedied efficiently

We guarantee rapid response to any situation.  In addition to being trained in established emergency protocols, our managers are equipped with the latest communication devices, making them accessible at all times, should a true emergency arise.  Always on call, we are there when you need us.